Intermodal Services

Intermodal service is the transportation of goods using the combination of road transport with other means (ship, train, plane) with a single measure of cargo, usually containers.

In 2005 Acotral began to invest in this transport modality, transporting containers from the central area of Span: Madrid – Seville (train), Seville – Canary Islands (ship).

One year later, the trains Sevilla – Tarragona, Sevilla – Valencia were launched in both directions.

This type of transport, besides many other advantages, guarantees the most efficient combination of means of transport, minimizes down time or the need for storage of goods in intermediate areas, reduces to a minimum the risk of breakage or theft of goods and improves road safety as the cargo is transported in closed units from origin to destination.

Also it is worth stressing that this type of transport minimizes CO2 emissions and reduces noise levels.

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