Acotral - Historia - 1970


The initial activity of Acotral is the exploitation of large tonnage cranes and special transports for the construction sector.

Acotral - Historia - 1985


Local, national and international road transportation of tobacco industry for Tabacalera becomes the company's principal activity.

Acotral - Historia - 1998


Acotral starts specializing in national and international transport of goods with refrigerated vehicles and distribution to points of sale.


The company starts its business relationship with supermarket chain Mercadona.

Acotral - Historia - 2001


Opening of branch offices in Tenerife and Las Palmas. The company creates Acotral Distribution Canary Islands.

Acotral - Historia - 2003


Opening of branch offices in Seville, León, Valencia. Acotral is appointed as official supplier for Mercadona.

Acotral - Historia - 2004


The company signs the first enterprise agreement with the workers for the period 2004-2006.

Acotral - Logo - Servicio de transporte de mercancías


The company starts and develops intermodal transport by train throughout the country and by boat connecting with Canary Islands and Balearic Islands.

Acotral - Historia


“Employment Stability Pact” is reached, guaranteeing job position for all Acotral workers.

Acotral - Logo OHSAS


Obtains the Occupational Risks Prevention System Certification (OSHAS).


The company is established in Morocco with the opening of the first commercial office in Tangier to accomplish transportation services from Mauritania, Senegal and Morocco to the EU. Acotral is incorporated to National Committee on Road Transport (CETM) and Executive Committee of CETM

Acotral - Logo - Servicio de transporte de mercancías


The company invests 50 million euros in best equipment and facilities.

Acotral - Historia - 2014


The project for increasing the payload of refrigerated semi-trailers to 26Tm reaches the first 100 units.


Renewal of the branch office in Ribarroja (Valencia), also the construction of own service stations in Tenerife and Las Palmas. Renewal of 350 vehicles in its fleet with an investment of 23.4 million euros.

Acotral - ISO39001


Acotral receives from Bureau Veritas the Certification in ISO 39001 standard for good practices in the management of road safety referred to the national and international carriage of goods by road related to the load and discharge work.

Acotral - Historia - 2016


Acotral starts with serving in mega trailers. The company was pioneer in incorporating vehicles of 25 meters and up to 60 tons to its fleet, a project promoted unconditionally during more than 12 years.

Acotral - Historia - 2017


A significant increase of employees occurs, company's workforce already counts 3420 persons.

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