Compañía Logística Acotral S.A is a family business devoted to carriage of goods whose origins root back to 1970s.

Acotral goal

To generate and provide added value to transportation chain fulfilling customer needs, by means of training and development of our workers, our providers involvement and returning to society part of what it offers to us, reducing our activities impact by means of innovation and resources optimization.


The objectives to achieve by the company for 2010-2014 period are to improve the routine work, enterprise internationalization and its consolidation as transportation global solution provider, under the environmental protection, health and occupational safety frame and corporate social responsibility based on commitment & compliance with standards UNE-EN ISO 14001, Regulation 761/2001 and OHSAS 18001.


Values defined by Compañía Logística Acotral are the following:


Every year, Compañía Logística Acotral sets a number of quantifiable objectives regarding risk prevention and environment. Some of them are: improvements for the preventive maintenance, implementation of a risk prevention and environment management system, ongoing training to reduce accident rates, fleet renewal to reduce atmosphere emissions, improvement regarding environmental education and awareness aspects.

Compañía Logística Acotral establishes and keeps a management procedure to identify regulatory requirements ensuring daily activities are accomplished pursuant to legislation and rules in force regarding environment and working risk prevention, as well as any other agreements subscribed by the company.

Continuous improvement

This is the commitment taken by Compañía Logística Acotral to improve its service, to reduce environmental impact and working risks by means of a continuous improvement program and the implementation of the best technology possible.

Finally, COMPAÑÍA LOGÍSTICA ACOTRAL is aware that developing and making available these policies every day won’t be possible if the involvement of every single person it consists of, is not achieved. To do so this Policy needs to be spread and encouraged, established any needed measure to achieve the active involvement of everyone.

Ángel González Rubio