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Welcome to Acrotral Accusation Channel.

This is the Accusation Channel for criminal offences and it’s open to employees, customers, providers and any Acotral partner, or even to people or entities non-related to our Company in any direct way.

Thus, to provide a right use thereof, it’s needed (and compulsory) to read the document Terms and Conditions of Accusation Channel Use. It’s also compulsory to read the Legal Notice and the Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Accusations are strictly confidential, although not anonymous, because it might be needed to get in contact with the accuser to properly perform the investigation. However, the process guarantees the privacy of the accuser and that no retaliation is taken against him/her after the accusation.

To get to the Accusation Form, click on: Accusation Form. The accusation will be arriving at which is a private inbox.

This mail address is also available to make any consultation on these topics, but the accusations must be sent through the form.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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